Groups are invited to plan, prepare, and serve meals at any of our 4 community meal sites across Franklin County. Please contact our volunteer coordinator for details about volunteering as a group.

We are looking for individuals to help serve our neighbors on Wednesday evening. Shift starts with set up at 3:30. Volunteers are expected to help with clean up and are asked to stay until 6:30pm.

Reduce anxiety and improve the patient experience. Assist with transport by wheelchairs, escort patients and visitors, and answer questions at a Check In Desk. There are three possible locations where volunteers make a difference every day.

Schedule a time to meet your mentee at a school lunch or field trip (you’ll be invited by the school), or outside of school (with parental permission) to engage in many different kinds of activities (ice cream outings, hikes, recitals, discussion about school…other.). Mentors help promote sense of self-worth and confidence in students to help…

Interested in learning more about becoming a host parent/host family? There are no “requirements,” i.e., family size, age of children, etc. Successful host families have been parents with an empty nest and parents with young children, as well as parents with children currently in the secondary schools.

Help with fundraising activities such as the Fall Foliage Walk, help maintain that ABC house, or serve on the board of directors.

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