No certification needed. Volunteer tasks include distribution of hotline cards and flyers to public places, (medical centers, doctor’s offices, schools, etc.). Volunteer time commitment is flexible. Documentation responsibilities include contact list/addresses of locations and drop offs. Volunteer supervision requirements are minimal.

Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault (DVSA) certification training is required and provided by the YWCA. Additional SAFEPLAN Certification training is required and is provided by MOVA (Massachusetts Office of Victim Assistance). Costs related to this training are the intern’s/volunteer’s responsibility. Volunteers and interns would shadow the SAFEPLAN advocate during court hours. Learning experiences include but are not…

Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity relies on it’s volunteers to build homes, but also to build our organization. Volunteers can: Help in the office, Work on fundraisers, Help at events, Help with families, Recruit other volunteers, Work with faith communities, Help build homes, or help with Other off-site projects.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Volunteer Services have been suspended at this time. We will contact you when our volunteer support is resumed. Volunteer placements are based on skills, abilities and availability of positions. Acceptance or placement as a volunteer is not guaranteed. All volunteers are pre-screened before being placed in an assignment. Applicants must…

To learn and apply their outdoor leadership skills at programs, assisting our trained program staff in providing positive encouragement and physical support, as needed, to participants with physical, cognitive, and other disabilities, as they cycle, kayak, canoe, hike, camp, snowshoe, cross-country ski, ice skate, and more.

To provide a welcoming face and helpful assistance in registering participants at programs and special events.

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