To have the Park be a place for families to come and enjoy the beauty of nature in a peaceful and safe environment.

To unite and engage all sectors of the community in the creation, execution, and promotion of intelligent, sustainable solutions to fight urban blight.

Historic Deerfield, Inc., is dedicated to the heritage and preservation of Deerfield, Massachusetts and the Connecticut River Valley.

To provide recreational and educational services for the young children in the greater Wilbraham area.

Springfield Partners for Community Action’s mission is to utilize and provide resources that assist people in need to obtain economic stability, ultimately creating a better way of life.

DIAL/SELF helps young people become independent by connecting them with housing, employment, education and civic opportunities.

We believe the quality of children’s education can be enhanced by the involvement of the many diverse community members and civic organizations found in the City of Westfield.

The Valley Opportunity Council, Inc. is dedicated to eliminating poverty by providing the opportunity for our low- and moderate-income neighbors, families and friends in the Greater Hampden County area to achieve greater independence and a higher quality of life.

Springfield Armory National Historic Site commemorates the critical role Springfield Armory played in the nation’s military and industrial history. First created as a military storage depot by the fledgling U.S. Army in 1777, Springfield Armory was authorized by Congress and President Washington in 1794 to manufacture small arms for the nation’s defense. The Armory was…

We are committed to be the leader in improving the quality of life for members of our community by providing cause-driven programs for individuals and families focusing on youth development, on healthy living and on social responsibility.