A technology committee member aids the organization in thinking about technology trends and tools and how their implementation will upgrade the organizations’ results.

The program committee member provides insight to the relevance of an organization’s products and programs and how they are contributing to the organization’s desired impact.

The board member helping to elevate a nonprofit’s technology needs has a keen sense of technology trends such as big data, cloud computing, mobility and social media. The board member will guide a nonprofit’s critical performance in these and other technology areas while helping to set equipment and resource deployment priorities.

The board member responsible for program has the duty to understand and guide an organization’s programs, needs and abilities to deliver on the organization’s mission and vision. The board member has a broad range of experiences that will help provide guidance to the organization’s service delivery model.

Conversation with an experienced person about designing a program to meet your organization’s goals and mission

Conversation with an experienced person about metrics to measure performance of your program/project, success compared to goals, improve managing the program/project, evaluate outcomes and share the impact on your mission